Friday, December 18, 2020

Sonnet shortlisted in the Better than Starbucks 2020 contest!

My previously published sonnet "Point of No Return" was shortlisted for the Better than Starbucks! 2020 sonnet contest. 

Better Than Starbucks 2020 Sonnet Contest


              Winning poets receive:

              First Place $350.

              Second Place $100.

              Third Place $50.


Out of more than 900 blind-read entries, a short list of 45 sonnets were chosen. From these, three winners and seven runner-up sonnets will be published.  So we all have close to a 1 in 4 chance! 

Good luck, fellow competitors! 

Sonnet For Her Husband by Max Gutmann

I Dreamt of a Broken Bird by Ciarán Parkes

The Rule by Michael Stalcup

Last Call by Kit Rohrbach

To the Person Who will be the Last to Speak My Name by David Rosenthal

In Living Color by John Beaton

A sackful of heads by Mercedes Webb-Pullman

James Holman by Timothy Sandefur
The Miller’s Daughter Gives an Exclusive on Rumpelstiltskin by Melissa Balmain

The Palace of Forty Pillars by Armen Davoudian

Disremembered by Lee Nash

Forms and Forming by Richard Wakefield

Drystone by Jane Boxall

Onset by Max Gutmann

The Point of No Return by Beatriz F. Fernandez

Forms and Forming by Richard Wakefield

Something That Was Once Lovely by Carlene M. Gadapee

Saturday morning by Mercedes Webb-Pullman

Obviously by Hibah Shabkhez

Made of Gauze by Donald Zirilli

Museum of a Former Marriage by Jennifer Davis Michael

Release by Tim Taylor

After Mom, Pop, and Older Sis Left the Circus by Devon Balwit

Ornithology and its Discontents by Enriqueta Carrington

Asylum for Joshua by Maroula Blades

The Assumption (Mary speaks) by Conor Kelly

Paper Town by Midge Goldberg

Viparinama by Terence Culleton

Street Dreams by Linda Banks

The end by Steve Lang

Salvage by Catherine Chandler

Sonnet for a 25th Wedding Anniversary by Carolyn Martin

For Trevion in the Local News byBarbara Loots

Vampire by Daniel Ranson

Metal on Metal by Elizabeth Faris

Sonnet for a Homeless Woman Named Beth by Debbie Hall

Winning by Daniel Ranson

Erasure Sonnet by Martin Cossio

Winter Ravens by Matthew King

Pigeon by Catherine Edmunds

Using Our Words by Brett Mertins

On a Theme From Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz by Mark J. Mitchell

Shoes by Andrew Kuck

Tree by John W. Steele

Bones by Mark McDonnell

Another Love Poem by Melissa Balmain

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