Friday, July 06, 2012

He will live forever....Ray Bradbury

Ray Bradbury, one of my favorite authors, passed away exactly one month ago at age 91 after a long illness. I was fortunate enough to meet him once, during a Miami Book Fair International 1990 "Evening with...." event. He held an entire auditorium spellbound for an hour as he spoke; it was one of those magical evenings where the whole audience was as one. After, we were able to talk to him as he signed my 40th anniversary edition of The Martian Chronicles. He mentioned that he very pleased with that edition.
This picture is from the 1990 Miami appearance, courtesy of wikipedia.

"Jury Duty" accepted by Verse Wisconsin

Verse Wisconsin just accepted my poem "Jury Duty" for publication in their online fall issue "It's Political." I'm very excited to be published in Verse Wisconsin again! Andrea Hollander, my mentor and teacher since March 2011, had urged me to re-submit it and was sure the revised version would be accepted and it was!