Monday, May 21, 2012

Menopausal Mermaid Took 36th Place--2011

My poem "The Menopausal Mermaid Takes Medical Advice" came in 36th place in the 6th Annual Writer's Digest Poetry contest--the top 50 poems were published in The 6th Annual Writer's Digest Competition Collection. This was the first year I was eligible to compete again since I won the 2nd annual contest. I am entering this year again, having won only honorable mention (but also $50 worth of WD books, and the 2011 Poet's Market, which were all very welcome) and a free year's subscription!

2012 Update--"Persona" Poems

For some reason, I've been writing many "persona" poems lately. The one I'm working on now was inspired by Mary Doria Russell's novel Doc about Doc Holliday. I'm writing the poem from the perspective of his cousin Mattie Ann Holliday. In keeping with the American Old West feeling, we recently went to see a great exhibit of Western art, sculpture and artifacts at the Four Arts Society Museum in Palm Beach. Their gardens were spectacular as well.