Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Interviewed for WLRN-Miami Herald News --Miami Book Fair International takes off!

I received an email from WLRN-Miami Herald news wanting to interview published poets who have another job during the Miami Book Fair International.  Because of my participation in the O'Miami Poetry Festival, they must have had my name on a contacts list. The feature article, "These Are the Day Jobs of Miami Bards" by Rachel Morello aired on 91.3 FM, November 22, 2013.

Photo Courtesy of Rachel Morello, WLRN Miami News

Quite a few of my favorite poets are appearing at the Book Fair this year, beginning with Sharon Olds, Mary Jo Salter, Robert Pinsky, Campbell McGrath and Richard Blanco and ending with a reading by the Miami Poetry Collective!

My retired colleague and friend Andy Grof, will be reading from his novel as well!

What happens when you google yourself....

I found out that I was "Latino Quote of the Day" on November 14th!  Thanks to Bobby Gonzalez for the honor!  He quoted from my Latina Book Club guest blog about writing.

He shared my quote on his syndicated site:  Latino Quote of the Day

“At 50+ I can claim many freedoms I did not possess before—my hair is thinner but my skin is thicker—I can take rejection and criticism and stand my ground better…”
             -    Beatriz F. Fernandez, Puerto Rican/Peruvian author.

Latino Quote Of The Day™ is curated by Bobby Gonzalez.

Bobby González is a nationally known multicultural motivational speaker, storyteller and poet. Born and raised in raised in the South Bronx, New York City, he grew up in a bicultural environment. Bobby draws on his Native American (Taino) and Latino (Puerto Rican) roots to offer a unique repertoire of discourses, readings and performances that celebrates his indigenous heritage.