Tuesday, March 08, 2016

Street Voice will publish three of my poems!

Andreas Weiland of the international, multilingual online journal Street Voice has accepted three of my poems:

Poem for my father (previously published at Label Me Latina/o),  
In the shadow of the Miami Metrorail overpass,
and Departures,

for publication in a future issue.  Street Voice's themed issues feature poetry, translations of poems, and articles from poets all over the world.

Mr. Weiland also edits an online art journal: Art in Society and he would like to encourage those writing on Latino/Latina art and theater to send pertinent articles for a future issue.  He also accepts
poems in Spanish, with an English translation

March 6th marks the anniversary of my father's death many years ago, so I'm very happy this poetical tribute to him will once more appear online. In the shadow is based on an encounter in downtown Miami with an unforgettable homeless man.  Departures is a poem about the internal and external voyage immigrants make and honors my matriarchal ancestors, beginning with my great-grandmother Rosa, to my mother, Luisa.

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